When I was little, I called it public hair.

What ever happened to pubic hair?

I typed out that question because I thought maybe if I got it out of my head, a clear answer would appear before me.  I guess, like blue eye shadow or frosted tips on men, it’s just not cool anymore to have pubes. 

One time I googled “Why do we have pubes?” and through in-depth research I discovered that pubic hair on women capture the musky vagina smell in which cave men used to sniff out the woman they were going to drag behind a rock after knocking her out cold. 

Like my mom used to always say- “So if Amanda shaved all of her pubes off, I guess you would too?  Hmm?”  Yeah, ma.  Pretty much.  Don’t want to be the only girl ever in the world to have pubic hair.

Also, I get terrible razor burn and I’ve tried everything under the sun to minimize the excruciating pain that I put myself through twice a week to have an in-style vagina.  One time I got it waxed which was actually not too bad.  I wanted to rip my eyes out, but it was smooth and I didn’t even have to think about my pubes for four whole weeks.  But I am too poor to even consider making that a monthly routine.  Hairless vag or electricity?  I can just light some candles and wear extra layers of clothing, right?  Whatever.

I have a birthday party to attend this weekend at a fancy yacht club.  It is a James Bond themed party, so I have to wear a dress and bring a gun.  It probably can’t be a real gun, but thats a challenge I am willing to accept.  Plus, I won’t have any pubic hair so if anyone questions my weapon, I’ll just tell them that it’s cool, I have no pubes. 

I’m not entirely sure where I meant to go with any of that, but I’m on my lunch break at work, and work always gets me thinking about pubic hair.


4 Comments on “When I was little, I called it public hair.”

  1. I’ve wondered this question too. I like a little. Trim, short, and shaped but still there. But I’m married so Hubby’s lucky I manage it down there at all.

  2. Aaaannddd just today, I told my producer to post a video to go pubic.
    See how that’s good and reversed? HAHA.

  3. Lauren says:

    Yeah, the shaving sucks… plus, it’s hard to see ALL THE WAY DOWN there. So, like Marianna, I keep it short and trimmed. I just don’t know that I can ever have some one all up in my stuff, doing my private landscaping…

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