First, let me apologize for whatever typos may occur as I am posting this from my cellular device.  I am no where near a computer, but I really had to get this dream I had out of my head and onto the internet where all weird and disturbing things belong.  Like my dream.  Because it was fucking horrible.

Short and simple:

My hair was falling out in large amounts, and in its place grew huge chunks of crab/lobster meat.  The meat of crustations growing from my scalp.  I would peel it off painlessly, and it would bleed, scab over, then immediately grow more meat.

In my dream I was freaking out because I was supposed to go on vacation.  You know, never mind THERE IS LOBSTER MEAT GROWING FROM MY HEAD.  How could I possibly enjoy the tropics with an ugly crustatious head.

I googled it.  Google told me to pies off, freak.


3 Comments on “LOBSTAH”

  1. Ewwww….

    I like crab meat…but not on my head.

  2. red says:

    That is disturbing.
    I think you just ruined my appetite. (but I understand wanting to get the disturbing out of your head and into cyberspace.)

  3. Vesta Vayne says:


    Maybe you should look at it as a positive dream. You know, in the event of famine, you would be able to feed your family. With your lobster head.

    Yeah, that is disturbing.

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