It’s been months.  Or just a month.  Month and a half, tops. Or maybe two months?  A lot of things are happening.  My son is in TBall (and has become a 4 year old baseball prodigy).  We got a cat and named her Nora.  We have only had her for a week, but I am pretty certain she’s pregnant.  Which is awesome.  And by awesome I mean no, it is fucking terrible.  What in the FUCK am I going to do with 2-6 kittens?  

I also had a miscarriage.  I’m totally fine.  I wasn’t trying so it came as a really big scary shock.  And then it ended.  I felt weird at first, but now I am fine.  Things happen for a reason.  Why?  I don’t know.  But I’m never having sex again.  I feel a little bad that I wasn’t sad.  I wasn’t happy or anything, but I definitely wasn’t sad.  Is that OK?  I guess it’s because it wasn’t anything I was aiming for.  I am rambling now.

Can I get some motivation to keep up with this blog?  It feels good to talk.  Even if its to the black abyss of the Internet.