About Betty

I am Betty.  This blog is new and Id like to say that most of the things I will write on here will be true.  However, there are times when I like to make shit up.  You know, just because.  Sometimes my life is incredibly normal and regular and routine.  So I make things, people, events and scenarios up.  You’ll notice the difference between the things that I make up and my real-life stories mostly because the things I make up are wildly unbelievable.

Why do I do this?  Mostly because I am bored and have no friends.  Also because a lot of people won’t read this About page and will assume I lead a very disturbed, precarious life and I delight at the thought of them actually thinking I really got THAT bombed at my company Christmas party.

“Sunburst Drums” has absolutely no deep meaning behind it.

I’m 23, divorced, and the mother of a handsome four year old who inspires me to make up stories to tell him as well.  His are obviously G rated and usually involve giant talking sky scrapers that poop.

Other than that, I live a fairly typical life.  I work 40 hours a week, struggle to pay my bills, and sometimes feed my son sandwiches for dinner.


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